Everything We Need 

Continuing Voices of Dissent's environmental themes, Everything We Need portrayed seven contemporary characters, each inspired by a classical or biblical myth - The Flood, Eden, Revelation, Gaia, Medea, Prometheus and Themis.

From the eco-activist who'd just discovered the man she'd become pregnant with was an undercover cop, to the schoolboy in temporary accommodation worrying what would be revealed when the flood-waters receded - each character was dealing in their own way with the impacts and implications of climate change and environmental justice.

The show combined elements of theatre, poetry and multi-media with an original sound track written and performed live by Dan Steele and Léonie Higgins. It was directed by Cheryl Martin and produced by Rachel Moorhouse with artwork and stage design by Sumit Sarkar.

Everything We Need was originally developed at Space at Dartington Arts with support from The Dartington Hall Trust. It received additional support from the Royal Exchange Theatre where it premiered in June 2012 to critical acclaim, funded by Arts Council England.

“Mellor is astounding in his performance.” **** Public Reviews
“An emotional and intellectual journey”