Hello You!

Thanks for visiting the place on the internet where I hawk my desultory wares.

In case you've just chanced across this site and don't know who I am, I am a human mammal that sometimes writes things down and says them out loud. Those things include, but are not limited to, theatre, spoken word, a bit of music and the occasional opinion.

I also facilitate other people in the writing and saying of things, and create events, workshops and projects where other people who write and say (or sing, rap, chant etc.) things can do that in front of an audience.

If you'd like to know about my current or past shows, upcoming gigs, the night I run, workshops and projects I run, what I've done or thought recently, read my biog, see/hear some of my work or drop me a line, please click the relevant links.

The rest of this website will be written in the third person to maintain a veneer of professionalism.


Ben x