Kiss it Better

A potent concoction of stand-up poetry, confessional storytelling and performance lecture, with a bit of ritual, live music and audience interaction thrown into the mix, Kiss it Better explores the complex relationship between our bodies and our minds.

Informed by current scientific research, medical history, anthropology,

and an intimate personal response to the subject, the show explores whether it is possible to think ourselves better, or worse?

How do we receive beliefs, knowledge and information about our wellbeing? And in a world of medicine men, snake oil salespeople, internet diagnosis and Richard Branson how can we know exactly whom to trust?

Originally supported by a University of Manchester Arts & Sciences Collaborations Fund Award, the piece was informed by a research residency with the Human Pain Research Group, led by neurorheumatologist Prof. Anthony Jones.

An early work-in-progress performance was shared at The Lowry in 2015, directed by Jonathan McGrath with the piece subsequently being commissioned by Contact and a second in-development performance showcased at their Flying Solo Festival in 2016 directed by Kevin Dyer and produced by John Tomlinson with design by Bethany Wells.

The show is currently being redeveloped with a full production and tour slated for 2020. For more info and booking enquiries please get in touch.