Shaggy Doggerel

Superman and Lois do battle with a uterine super-villain; Peta discovers there’s more to the wolf than the stories tell; a philandering footballer suffers the grisly consequences of seducing a team of WAGs; A flagging magazine embarks on a hunt for snark to increase their circulation.

Combining spoken word, comedy, music, storytelling and hip-hop, award-winning duo Mellor & Steele create a refreshingly different and dark take on known and less-known stories and characters.

These contemporary interpretations made veiled commentary on a number of current concerns, including celebrity-obsessed media, feminism, body image, and ‘feral’ youth, keeping tongues firmly in cheeks and always maintaining a gallows humour.

Shaggy Doggerel was Mellor & Steele's sophomore effort, showcased as a work-in-progress at the Edinburgh Fringe the same year they returned for a second run of Anthropoetry, but was subsequently put on the back-burner while the pair focussed on other projects.